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Corrugated board. Advantages and use in the construction of profiled sheets

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Profilation or corrugation is called mechanical special processing, which gives high rigidity and strength by steel coldly rolled galvanized sheets, from which a profiled or corrugated sheet is made. Profile or corrugation gives corrugrolors a characteristic wave. The sheets of corrugated board are usually made from galvanizing (galvanized cold -rolled steel).

The profiled sheet is distinguished by such parameters as:

– Scope of use

– The transverse value of the profile

– Profile shape and height

Profiled sheets with a wave height of up to 20 mm are most often used as unnecessary fencing decorative structures – these are suspended ceilings, fences, cladding wall surfaces. Sheets of corrugated board with a corrugation of more than 20 mm can be used as structural elements: coatings of buildings, light ceilings, unleashed formwork, etc. P. Such elements are preliminarily calculated by designers-designers for the required bearing capacity. Profiled sheets are made by roofing, supporting and wall (fence).

Profiled sheets of roofing brands, as a rule, are necessary for the construction of roofs of production and civilian objects of large area. Also, the sheets of the corbillage corbace are necessary when performing suspended ceilings, the construction of awnings, visors, frizes, renovation and repair of old roofs. Today, with the help of polymer decorative protective coatings, the use of a corrugated.

Without the use of a corrugated sheet, the construction of various kiosks, large shopping centers, small shops, cottages, gas stations is currently not going on. Quite often, when erecting roofs, expensive metal tiles can be replaced by accessible in price and practical galvanized profiled sheets with a decorative protective polymer colored coating.

From various brands of the profiled sheet, wall fences of buildings, partitions, wall panels are made. In addition, in the last time, the owners of country houses quite often acquire corrugated board for the fence.

Distinctive qualities of a corrugated sheet with a decorative protective polymer coating:

– mechanical strength and stiffness

– A relatively small cost

– Aesthetics

– durability

– Small mass

– Convenience in transportation

– Easy to process

– Reliability and unpretentiousness

– Corrosion resistance

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