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Councils on the construction of wooden houses

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The house made of wood, of course, is very comfortable, harmonizes with nature, better than any other building materials. In addition, wood, thanks to its thermal systems, provides quick heating of the house, preserving the warmth for a long time. The most popular wood for building houses is pine. Pine wood has a dense structure, which ensures the strength of the structure.

The choice of material

For the construction of a house, it is best to use the most affordable material. Of course, you can use the cedar, and fir, oak, and ash, but it is better to opt for simpler and more practical materials, which include pine and spruce. These are the most common wood species, relatively cheap and have a flexible and supple structure.

To complete the construction faster and not to think about the output of the walls, use wood, which has passed special processing and has a minimum humidity level (for example, glued beam, galvanized log). If your choice still fell on the beams of natural humidity, then during construction it is necessary to take into account that the subsidence of the house in height will be about 8 – 10% – respectively, absolutely unnecessary gaps will form. This should be discussed in advance when concluding an agreement with a construction company. By the way, if you do not have time to attend a construction site, it is better to entrust your project of a higher professional company, in order to avoid unnecessary difficulties

Thermal insulation and appearance

The foundation of a wooden house must be necessarily solid, without cracks and damage and well waterproofed. What methods of waterproofing will use better to discuss with the builders in advance. In order for the building from wood to serve you for a long time and true, tedious for the tree to “breathe”, this is especially important in the first 5 years in completing construction.

The facade of your home can be considered yourself. But first, study the aesthetics of the decor of wooden houses. And remember that the best house is the one that is built with love.

If you plan to constantly live in a wooden house, then the question of thermal insulation will be relevant for you. The tree itself does not have the properties of thermal insulation. Only Finnish houses made of glued beams, quite expensive in cost, can guarantee constant heat.

We hope that our tips for the construction of wooden houses will help and yours will delight you in the winter and in summer and your family!

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