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Do I need to worry about the information security of my company?

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Regardless of how great or small your company is, you must have a plan to ensure the safety of your information assets. This plan is called the information security program. It is developed and implemented by experts in the field of information security who work in firms like

The information security program is required by any organization, whether it is a tiny architectural firm or a huge group of companies that develop serious construction objects, such as a nuclear power plant or buildings for world -famous brands. Such programs are especially important for any types of online stores and all companies working with intellectual property and any form of customer data.

Most company managers believe that there is nothing valuable in their company to protect with the help of security information programs. However, this is not so. For example, most companies have their own projects, plans, applications, customer databases, source codes, financial information, customer information (including their confidential customer information) and many other data that needs to be protected. The inability to protect all these data leads to financial losses and even legal liability. For example, the inability to protect the confidential information of customers of online stores can lead to legal consequences and loss of business reputation. The loss of customer confidential information is what causes the most serious damage to the brand, company and all persons who are somehow related to the project.

The presence of a security program means that you have taken steps to reduce the risks of data loss through one of many ways.

A good information security program is a set of measures. Experts evaluate risks, plan how to soften them.

If you are confident in your security system now, then you are sure that your web server is in a safe place and is controlled by well-trained people. You must also be sure that you have well organized a policy of access to different types of information of the company, and that the company uses information security means, such as firewalls and encryption. Also, the company should calculate the plans in emergency situations and during accidents.

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