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Drywall ceilings – comfort and beauty

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Gypsum plasters ceilings are not only beautiful, it is very practical, because you can hide all unnecessary wiring, pipes, cracks and other not very attractive things. Now such ceilings made of drywall are very successful, and this should be noted – not in vain. Another advantage is warm and sound insulation, which protects the house from unnecessary sounds and heat saving. If you have free time, and you at least a little, but you understand something in this matter – you can calmly start repairing yourself. But there is another way out – to hire the masters, and he will make you ceilings from drywall those that you dreamed about.

Once the first and most reliable material for driving the house were boards, rails, plaster. Today it took the background, because a new and more convenient came out – it is a drywall rolled into sheets. Drywall has become a very convenient tool, with the help of it installed ceiling tiles and acoustic ceilings.

If you decide to use drywall suspended ceilings [1], you can not forget about safety first, because this is also very important. In the process, you should use those tools that are designed for this kind of lesson; Be sure to have a mask against dust, or a respirator, it is important to have glasses that will protect your eyes. In order not to strain very hard when cutting, it is necessary that the tool is sharp and reliable. It is important to know if there is an asbestos in the composition of drywall, because it is very harmful to health, it is better to avoid such materials.

So that the suspended ceilings made of drywall [2] have a beautiful look, then they must be immediately wiped with a wet washcloth with a detergent. The sponge must be wet because you can not leave wet stains. To remove the pencil stains, you can use the eraser.

In rooms with drywall ceilings you need good ventilation between the frame and the overlap in order to avoid the formation of condensation from the temperature difference. To avoid it, you can install a steam -permeable layer.

If you correctly install the suspension ceiling and comply with all operating rules, then companies guarantee the service even more than 20 years.

Hanging Cartoes suspended ceilings are very beautiful and original, but how to embellish it – depends only on your imagination. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment, and remember that your home will depend only on you!

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