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Drywall: fastening methods, advantages

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With the advent of spring, many owners of apartments and houses are planning to start repair work. However, when the time comes, it turns out that the walls in the rooms are so crooked that it will not work to level them with special mixtures, and then the idea to buy drywall comes to the aid of home builders. In fact, it was invented specifically to level surfaces for further finishing.

Among the many advantages of drywall (and then GKL), I would like to highlight:

high strength;

easy way to cut

simple installation.

By the way about installation, it should be added that GKL is very easy to mount, and for this you can use various methods.

Using the technology of leveling surfaces using this material, you can not only make the walls perfectly even and strictly perpendicular to the floor with the ceiling, but also build a separate partition. In addition, everything is so simple that it is accessible even to a beginner in the construction industry, so you can cope with the task even with your own hands without the involvement of professionals.

First of all, you need to decide on the method that is most acceptable to you. To date, there are two methods of fastening GKL:

Make a frame and fix the material on it.

Stick plasterboard on the wall.

Alternatively, you can combine these methods into one.

Among the presented methods, beginners are recommended to use the first, that is, the wireframe method. When erecting the structure, special profiles are used, and then the GKL is simply screwed to the frame using a screwdriver and screws. The only drawback of the described method is the thickness of the skin. The fact is that it can reach 5 cm or even more, and sometimes such a distance is unacceptable for small rooms.

Of course, during the alignment of the walls, one cannot do without preparatory work. Before proceeding, you need to get rid of the old wall covering: tear off the wallpaper, clean the surface of plaster, etc. d. Dismantling old finishing materials will allow you to win a few centimeters, which will be especially useful in a small room. Before starting work, it is worth treating the wall with a primer and antiseptic substances. In those places where the GKL will touch the floor and ceiling, it is necessary to draw border lines.

When building a frame structure, you need to use a galvanized profile of various shapes. Attached to the profile wall with dowels. Initially, a frame from the guides is being built, and then vertical jumpers are mounted in it, to which GKL will be attached in the future.

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