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ECILINED LOVEN HOUSE: Dusties and Assembly Technology

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Any city is a cluster of stone buildings, cars and people who every minute rush about their business.

For many citizens, moving out of the city remains only a dream, but they do not even suspect how easy it is to do. In the age of modern building technologies and improved materials, building a country or country house is very simple and inexpensive.

Why choose wooden houses

The most common and affordable material used in suburban construction is a log. And not a simple log, rounded, that is, processed using a special technology, due to which its properties and characteristics have improved. Wood is safe and reliable in use, it is not for nothing that it was used to build houses hundreds of years ago.

Not many people know that log houses are practical and easy to use. They stay warm in the winter and keep cool in the heat of summer. You can even deal with destructive moisture today without difficulty, there are a lot of chemical protective compositions that make the tree persistent to various influences. And the technology of assembling a house from a log is very simple, that any craftsman can do the work with his own hands.

Assembling a house from a log

The modern technology of assembling log houses is practically no different from that used many centuries ago. The change can be considered scientific advances that have been introduced to increase the life of wood and its performance properties.

Before starting work, it is worth getting acquainted with the technology in stages in order to understand all the details. After the foundation has been prepared, it is necessary to lay and fix the insulation in the longitudinal grooves. Make it easy with a construction stapler. Logs are stacked tightly to each other, as they have a flat and smooth surface. To improve bonding, metal staples are used, they also help prevent gaps from appearing.

The assembly is carried out strictly according to the plan, which was developed and created by the construction company, where the house was ordered. After shrinkage, all joints can be trimmed with jute rope, this will provide additional protection against loss of cold and attractiveness. When the work with the walls is completed, the floor beams are mounted and their ends are cut into the wall. The type of roofing and roofing materials are selected depending on the financial capabilities of the owners.

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