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Explosion -proof induction lamps

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Explosion -proof induction lamps are intended for use in rooms and objects where there is a chance of emergency situations. Such objects can be considered: mining, transportation and processing of gas and oil, chemical production, etc. D. All these production processes are associated with the risk of an explosive environment both in rooms and in open areas.

For such industries, special lighting devices are made. Such lamps have high strength and reliability in order to work uninterrupted even in an emergency. Production facilities are often filled with equipment, pipes and other professional equipment, therefore, due to bad light, difficulties will arise in the work of employees of the enterprise. Explosion -proof lamps provide high -quality lighting even in hard -to -reach places. And, of course, it is necessary to ensure the savings of electricity. Especially if the work of lamps is carried out from the power of generators.

Explosion -proof induction lamps: device

The case of such lamps is made of modern aluminum alloy, which has increased strength. The material has high resistance not only to corrosion, but also to various aggressive factors: well -known alkalis and acids, acetylene, hydrogen sulfide, alcohol, sea water, etc. D. The surface of the case is painted with special polymer-epoxy antistatic enamel to eliminate the risk of sparking with physical exposure.

5-milimmeter borosilicate glass can successfully withstand shock loads and high temperatures. Thermal processing and unique composition of the material increased the strength of the glass ten times, provided that the same light permeability is preserved as the standard industrial models of induction lamps.

Electricity savings

Lamps are equipped with electronic ballast and induction lamps, more about lamps on the site. Such a combination with the component reduces the power consumption by 2-3 times, and also extends the life of lighting devices up to 20-25 years of continuous use. Lamps instantly turn on, radiate bright and soft light without flickering and glare, even in an unfavorable climatic environment and negative conditions.

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