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Features of choosing the foundation during the construction of the house

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House construction is a complex, responsible, laborious event. The first and most important stage of this process is the competent choice of the foundation. Reliability, strength, quality and durability of the construction will depend on this factor. When choosing the type of base, the following aspects must be taken into account:

Soil features and freezing depth. Soil made of coarse sand with a homogeneous structure is the most reliable. It is not recommended to build houses on peat soils. In all other cases, you can not do without auxiliary measures aimed at strengthening the foundation.

The nature of the building. The weight of the structure of bricks and concrete floors differs significantly from the mass of the frame, respectively, the load on the base and requirements for its strength will be different.

The presence of a basement, garage, basement, as well as the parameters and depth of the latter. If the project provides for such objects, then the best option will be a combined foundation. For example, tape-tape.

To choose the right type of base, you should find out which designs are used in the neighborhood. This will determine the problems available in the district and prevent them. You can learn more about the correct choice of foundation, as well as order its construction on the Fundamenti website.

Common methods for laying foundations and their features

The most popular technologies for the construction of bases today can be called strip, columnar and slab. The last option is used in the presence of problem soil. A whole reinforced concrete slab will additionally strengthen the construction. It should be borne in mind that this type of foundation is not only the most reliable, but also one of the most expensive.

The strip foundation today was widely used. Concrete is located over the entire area of ​​construction – under the load -bearing walls, inside the building, around the perimeter. The strip base can be equipped with both liquid solutions and through reinforced concrete blocks or bricks. The protruding segments are considered a basement. Strengthening the house from floods, and other destructive factors will help blindfolds – asphalt or concrete.

The columnar foundation is appropriate to use when erecting frame, thyroid, chopped houses and other buildings with relatively small weights. The basis in this case can be wood, reinforced concrete, stone and brick.

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