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Floor covering: select laminate

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In the current market, a genuine war war exploded. It is quite difficult to choose a floor coverings for a home or office and a matter is not a lack of or immensely rich in the floor list, easily the maintenance simply took the first positions.

Laminate or laminated flooring. The Association of Ground manufacturers from the laminate includes approximately 20 manufacturers. Specialized standards for laminated flooring for flooring are pronounced, which include more than 15 tests. These all tests are required to undergo the products of each company, which is engaged in the manufacture of laminate.

Passing the test, the laminate is controlled for isolation of sound, fortress to blows, reliability to light and scratches, to reliability to wipes.

By going all the tests, you can highlight the pluses of one or another laminate.

Laminated flooring for flooring does not need coating and polishing varnish. For the production of the laminate, matters are used, which does not fade on the sun’s rays and all the spots that fall on the laminate are very easily removed using acetone. Make a laminate from environmentally friendly mother, which allergs do not cause.

Each manufacturer has its own secret recipe for the production of laminate, but we will try to describe the unified composition of the laminate. A laminate forms from a pair of layers is formed. bottom layer – moisture resistant paper, another layer – chief, from wood fibers of a large degree of compression. And 3rd – Paper, which repeats the type of parquet made of wood. A melamine or acrylate tar with the addition of mineral particles is applied on top of decorative paper, which increases the resistance and strength of mother. The final layer that is applied to the floor covering is considered a laminate – Very durable and not electrifying film. All layers are fastened either using a press or using glue.

Laminate can not only copy wood parquet, but also marble or stone. For sensual nature, laminate in colorful peas is suitable. In addition to coloring, you should pay attention to the class of laminate. It all depends on the class of the laminate, it is selected in one or another room. Before laying the laminate, worry about the draft field. Laminate laminates like children’s puzzles, the strips snap among themselves. The process of laying the floor is completely elementary, but it is better to entrust this process to knowledgeable professionals. Since many differences are pronounced, which only the expert can see.

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