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Glazing of the loggia.

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Warm glazing of the loggia with plastic windows in Maryino.

Although the loggia is not very different from the balcony, it can be very superior in functionality, especially in a city apartment. The main difference between the loggia and the balcony is that it is closed with concrete (or brick) walls from three sides. Because of this, many have a huge desire to turn it into a small room. Thus, you can get a real dwelling instead of a non -residential “extension” to the apartment. To carry out this venture, warm glazing must be carried out with plastic windows. In the photo you see an example of such an order. House of the CPE series, located in Maryino district of District Street.

So, the loggia is located in a typical serial block house (CPE series). There are a lot of such houses in Moscow and in particular in Maryino. In these houses you can often find loggias glazed with plastic windows. Ordering plastic windows in Maryino is very simple. The difficulty lies in another. Firstly, you need to decide on the purpose (it will remain a loggia or become a room), and then, given the estimated functions of a new premises, plan a project for the arrangement. Consider the example given in the photo. Customers acted very rationally with deaf walls, lockers immediately built there for storing various little things. Built -in furniture is generally very often used to arrange balconies and loggias. This is understandable, because built -in cabinets and cabinets allow you to remove different things at the same time and save space. Thanks to the built -in cabinets, the loggia will cease to be a “dump”, where unnecessary things are constantly being sent. In our example, the deaf sector where the cabinet is installed is made of a dull plastic window, and instead of glass, a sandwich panel is inserted into it. Sometimes the deaf sector is made differently: they spread it out of foam blocks, and closed with plastic panels from the side of the street. Well, glazing is made by the simplest window frames. In our case, two windows open from three windows, and the third is deaf. It is very convenient to ventilate the room with such frames, and it is also very convenient to wash these frames. In addition to all of the above, you need to carefully approach the choice of a company that can carefully install your glazing to you. For comparison, you can see the accuracy of the work in the photo (the mounting foam does not stick out anywhere, the seams are neatly closed with tin).

As a result, we see a loggia into Maryino glazed by PVC windows, which can serve as an excellent example of competent and rational use of living space.

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