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In outline

Soil pumps are such special devices for distilling various liquid mixtures containing a considerable amount of solid fragments. The main field of action for such units are the mining sector, the energy industry, the hydraulic industry and the like. Pumps are produced in our country and abroad, when buying outside of our country, you will need customs clearance of the pump.

There are several types of such pumps: slurry, slurry, sand, refuller, soil, etc. d. As you might guess, the main difference between them is the ability to work with a particular slurry.

Soil pump design

A ground pump is a tool whose mechanism often consists of two parts: the pump itself and the drive. The drive is usually either a diesel or an electric motor.

The flow part of the soil pump is a closed centrifugal wheel located in two fairly reliable housings of internal and external type. A special disk is usually placed between the housing and the impeller, which performs the function of protecting the cover and walls of the housing from rapid wear.

The shaft is mounted in ball bearings as the running gear. The centrifugal part is installed on this shaft and is closed with a special soft gasket to prevent wear with abrasive elements.

The principle of operation of the soil pump

The centrifugal mechanism, consisting of two powerful discs with durable blades placed between them, sets in motion and organizes a vacuum in its central part. Due to the variety of pressure indicators between this area and the surface of the water, the process of suction of the hydroxide is carried out. The movable liquid by means of the pipe is directed to the working wheel, where the centrifugal force affects each part of the pulp, under the influence of which the hydrosmate enters the pressure pulpic conduction.

Features of the device of ground pumps for abrasive mixtures

The working mechanism of the pump is quite strongly influenced by serious loads, which significantly reduce the life of the device. In order to prevent an early failure, the main parts of this unit are made of very hard, abrasive-resistant metals, and special wear-resistant coatings or rubber are also applied to the inner surface of the housing. This is done in such a way that, if necessary, to replace the impeller, it can be easily approached.

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