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Have you thought about how you use the attic?

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Have you thought about how you use the attic? Or it is not used at all and is only an empty space between the ceiling and the roof. The attic is a spacious room and you can use it as a closet and put an unnecessary trash there there. But it is unlikely that such a decision will be reasonable.

Today, when housing prices are so expensive, it is advisable to use every corner of its home. The first began to use attics, as part of the home interior, the Frenchman F. The attic, whose last name gave the name of this part of the house – the attic. The attic provided this room as housing for servants or as a storage for things. But the nineteenth century, together with the problems of those times, made its changes to the use of such a room. Due to industrialization, more and more people flowed out in the city, but since there were few houses in the cities and they were all low-rise, there was a shortage of housing. Then the attics of these houses began to be insulated to make them suitable for living.

Now let’s look at today’s Russia, the same unresolved issue of housing. In Russia, they practically do not build flat roofs, more often gable and in the latest trends are increasingly, attics begin to use rationally and equip recreation areas, creative workshops and other necessary rooms there.

If you are going to build a house and equip the attic in it, then deviations from ordinary construction of the house with a roof will be insignificant. It is only necessary to finish the attic better than in the usual construction and conduct the necessary communications, such as light and heat, and you will receive real living quarters.

If you have already built a house and in no way used, you decided to turn into an attic, you will need a little more strength than when erecting an attic with the house.

The first thing to do is to carefully heat the roof. Since when erecting houses without an attic, no one cares about the temperature regime in the attic.

The second is to make the roof ceiling more stable. To do this, it is better to make triangles out of the beam. The beam is connected to each other with metal plates from the inside and on the outer side of the triangle. This design will increase the stability of the entire attic. Commercial information: Visit the site – SEVINC to wholesalers exclusive chandeliers – Make an order. Commercial information: Visit the site – Lex -1 front door – Entrance doors in Moscow.

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