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How to choose the ruler for the home of the roller

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Window and doorways can be protected using mechanical devices called roller shutters (rollers). The roller shutters not only protect against uninvited guests, vandals and possible damage to glazing, but also help improve heat – and noise protection of the room and even optimize the natural light of the room (this is done by opening and closing openings).

Rollet canvas is made up of lamella – aluminum strips of a closed profile, the guides along which it moves, framed the opening on the left and right. The opening of the opening occurs by winding the canvas on the shaft located at the top. In urban or suburban private life, roller shutters are used as an alternative to lattices.

When choosing roller, you need to take into account the tasks set before them, because it is they who determine the type of profile and management. So, for the first floors of cottages, an extruded profile is suitable, characterized by high strength characteristics, for windows of the second floor you can choose a profile of roller rolling. In trading pavilions, roller shutters with a spring-indifference mechanism and lock in the lower bar will be ideal.

Ruler and electric. In the first case, tape, cord or cardan mechanical drives are used, in the second – electric drives. The latter option is used in offices or cottages, where all windows of the first floor are protected by rolletics. The e -actress allows you to quickly and even at the same time close, when everyone leaves, or open all or more rolllets, which cannot be done if they are equipped only with a manual drive. In addition, such management significantly saves time, given that roller shutters can open and close more often than twice a day – morning and evening.

Electric drives for roller shutters are produced in Italy, France and Germany. February companies are considered leaders whose products are used in most European countries, including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Italian electric drives are also popular in Europe, which are somewhat cheaper, but they are not suitable for the Russian climate and in our country they are used only indoors.

Of course, the development of technologies allows us to constantly improve the roller shutters, which leads, inter alia, a reduction in weight and more convenient and pleasant operation.

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