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How to design the ideal microclimate?

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Surely, each of those who plan to build their own house or a country cottage, even at the design stage, thinks about providing an optimal microclimate. And it’s no coincidence. After all, by doing this in advance, you get the opportunity to avoid some of the difficulties that may arise later. By the way, on the advice of many professionals, it does not hurt to read reviews about various options for providing a microclimate. This will help to dwell on the system that is optimal precisely for your case.

The first, mandatory to execution, item in the list of measures to create a positive microclimate in the apartment should be a item, according to which the internal environment of the dwelling is required to protect from the external environment – that is, the street. Old, windows whose frames are made of wood, alas, in no way contribute to this. A precious heat leaves through the gaps in loose frames from the apartment, in return from the street, dust and contaminated air will enter the apartment, especially if the windows overlook a busy street with a constant movement.

The best and, perhaps, the only way out of this situation will be the installation of modern metal -plastic windows in the apartment [1]. The main difference between modern structures and their predecessors is their excellent thermal insulation and durability. Sales and frames of such windows are collected from the multi -chamber PVC profile, which is amplified by special steel inserts. A good level of thermal protection can be achieved, in the case of using hermetic double-glazed windows, which consist of 2-3 glasses. In this case, the chambers between the glasses should be filled with some kind of inert gas, for example, argon. Increased protection against drafts can provide seals resistant to frost, thanks to which the frame and sashes are tightly adjacent to each other and do not miss neither noise nor cold.

In order to avoid problems associated with freezing windows, we can advise the use of only those specialized systems whose mounting width is at least 7 centimeters.

Loggias or balconies, if they are glazed, will be an excellent way of additional protection of adjacent rooms from cold air and other street troubles. The only difference is the number of cameras and the width of the profile, however, they become a serious barrier on the path of dust and noise going to your apartment.

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