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How to make your yard beautiful with ordinary paving slabs, as well as trimmers and braids in Donetsk from the company Forest and Garden

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An ordinary path can become a real decoration of the yard or site with the help of simple and uncomplicated paving slabs. A strict geometric pattern in the style of a classic or an intricate figure reminiscent of art deco, – this material gives a lot of options for its application. Plus, the tile makes it possible to maintain cleanliness and order in the yard without any extra effort, and having warmed up during the day, it blows with pleasant warmth on a fresh summer evening. In addition, the irregularities of the site with its help can turn into exquisite steps, cascades, funny terraces, creating a unique landscape of the site.

Choose tiles wisely. To do this, you must first carefully consider and draw a drawing of the future path or sites in order to buy exactly the number of tiles (all bends, width changes, relief and pattern features should be taken into account). In addition, the thickness of the tiles should be correctly selected. For a conventional path, a material with a thickness of 40 millimeters is suitable, but for sections with a car traffic (courtyard, access road, etc. D.) you should choose tiles thicker (55 millimeters) and put them on a cerebrospinal pillow for reliability and fix them on a cement solution.

There are many methods of laying paving slabs: on cement, on the sand base, on the substrate. When laying on the sand, then it is easy to disassemble the track then. If the soil is unstable and it holds the tile poorly, it is recommended to first make a rubble substrate in which drainage trays to allocate precipitation immediately.

You can tiles «drown» in the ground, that is, put it at the ground level. To do this, you need to remove the soil to a depth of about 20 centimeters, then fill up with a trench with a layer of sand 10 centimeters thick, moisten and compact wet sand. Then make a substrate of crushed stone, also tamp.

Before laying tiles, it is worth taking care of the installation of borders, which will save and adjust the shape of the track. For this, narrow trenches are also dug along the track, fill with cement mixture and install blocks.

Laying paving slabs is carried out from the curb, this is done using a caliber made of rubber and level, between the tiles you need to leave small gaps of 3-5 mm for water drainage. After laying, the track should be sprinkled with sand or mixture of sand and cement (10 parts of sand and 1 part of the cement), moisten a little, this will protect the seams from the germination of grass.

A few days later, the sand needs to be shifted and enjoy the new, clean and beautiful path.

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