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How to order garbage collection?

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Companies that carry out garbage collection work either on a single order or on a regular basis under an agreement with a particular organization or with a private person. In addition to ordering garbage removal by type of garbage (for example, construction garbage), you can also order this service by type of container.

Ordering one -time garbage removal

When you make an application for one -time garbage collection, the company’s consultant is enough to name the estimated volume and nature of the garbage. The cost of the service will depend on two factors: 1) the container capacity, which will be required for garbage collection; 2) the distance to the point from where the garbage will need to be taken out.

Savings on a one -time garbage collection

To save money on the removal, you can not use the services of the movers of the enterprise that the garbage collection and fill the tanks on their own. The driver of the garbage truck controls the robotic “hand” to empty local tanks from garbage (transferring garbage to a truck), or loading a container with garbage to the trailer. Everything that remains outside the tank/container is usually not going, since there are no workers in the truck to collect additional garbage (if this service is not ordered).

Ordering regular garbage collection

If you need to constantly export garbage from the private sector where utilities do not do this, then you conclude an agreement with a specialized company for the removal of household waste on a regular basis. After that, you will be brought to the site of the tank of the right volume, and according to a certain schedule they will empty it. The most popular container for such purposes is 8 m3. Garbage is exported with a 8 m3 container are ordered by utilities in most city houses, store owners and residents of cottage villages.

Savings on regular garbage collection

There are many ways to save on regular garbage collection, in particular, pay for this service together with a large number of neighbors (for example, the entire street in the cottage village). Sometimes there is an opportunity to agree with the company on discounts on garbage removal.

The ability to organize the process of working with garbage within the team can also bear fruit in terms of saving finance. For example, you can reduce expenses by reducing the frequency of devastation of containers with a garbage truck. One way to do this is to move the garbage to the container in the tied garbage bag. This practice will maintain the container itself clean and reduce smells, which, in turn, will reduce the need to export garbage very often.

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