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Japanese style ceramic tiles

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The theme of the collection of ceramic tiles this year was Japan. In the tile of the Japanese collection, there was a reflection of the rich culture, carefully stored the traditions of the country of the rising sun, in which an amazingly combination of ancient traditions with the rapid rates of technical growth and development occurs. Sunning skyscrapers are in the immediate vicinity of elegant pagodas, and a noisy city with a centuries -old natural calm. Each series of ceramic tiles in the Japanese style is produced in several color variations with complement by decorative elements, including mosaic and set -shaped, made by hydro -carbrane cutting method. The tile of the Japanese collection is presented in a wide range and amazing diversity.

How the Japan’s theme reveals in the tile

Of course, the most important element that is characterized by the tile of the Japanese collection lies in Japanese peace and mystery. The Japanese collection includes a series of ceramic facing tiles as «Mountain Lake», «Kimono», «Sakura»…

Strict background of the tile of the Japanese collection «Mountain Lake» It requires the presence of noble colors of gold and purple in the decoration, setting the conciseness of the pattern made on decorative finishing tiles – carp, which has long been considered one of the most common symbols of Japan. Tile collection «Kimono» has a surface that gently shimmers in a stream of light, like a beautiful silk fabric, which is used to make a kimono. An unusual combination of color schemes attracts with its richness and delightful tints.

Japanese collection tile manufacturers

The design of this collection was based on the cultural traditions of Japan. This topic is so multifaceted and inexhaustible that it will provide the company’s designers with work for a long period. Moreover, many consumers are already interested in the tiles of the Japanese collection, which means that the lack of consumer demand does not threaten the company’s new product. Manufacturers of Japanese facing tiles use all the possibilities provided by modern technologies and materials in the field of production of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. Excellent quality of products is provided by high qualifications of specialists and exclusivity used in the production of this type of ceramic tile of technology.

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