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Practical design for small kitchen

by realapartment

How to rationally use the space of a small kitchen? What tricks do you need to know to make a small kitchen functional and at the same time cozy? Here are a few ideas from professionals.

Optimize the space in a small kitchen!

In small apartments, it is possible to plan the space so optimally that it will visually expand.

In a small kitchen, use a corner headset that can be made to the size of your kitchen to order. The dining table can be made.

Give preference to built -in household appliances. Under the corner countertop, a headset on both sides can be placed by an oven, a small -sized refrigerator, a dishwasher or washing machine, and thereby use the space efficiently.

Expand the windowsill, and it will serve you a dining table, cutting surface or a small bar table.

Play with color!

The color scheme of a small kitchen is an important element of a visual increase in space. Neutral shades of walls are optimal-beige, sand-brown, smoky-white, lightly olive. Your kitchen will look light and sophisticated. Do not use blue, gray and green in the design of the walls that reduce appetite.

Warm colors (red, orange, yellow) stimulate appetite, create comfort, and, importantly, correspond to the modern direction of fashion in furniture design. For a small kitchen, in which they not only cook, but also eat food, modern kitchen color suggests using warm colors in the decor:

On kitchen facades

in the decor (flowers, curtains, paintings, etc.)

When choosing dishes

If it’s hard for you to determine the colors and the final design. Contact a company that will help make repairs, interior design and choose everything for your inner world!

Use modern finishing materials!

Visual techniques for expanding the space of the kitchen include a modern trend to put glossy ceramic tiles on the floor in the kitchen. Tiles are able to reflect light, and this is another design cunning that creates a feeling of space in the kitchen.

The use of glossy stretch ceilings of light tones in the kitchen is an excellent design solution. Such a ceiling visually increases the space. In addition, it is easy to remove dust and soot from its surface.

With the help of multi -level stretch ceilings, you can create the impression that the kitchen is more of its real size. Zoning the ceiling can be highlighted in the kitchen dining area.

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