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Projects of narrow houses

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Land plots allocated for the construction of houses can be different. And, depending on them, and you have to choose house projects. Of course, if the site for development is characterized by a large area, and has the correct shape, then there will be no restrictions on the choice of a project.

And what to do if the site is large enough in the area, but in form – very inconvenient. For example, it is pulled into a long rather narrow strip?

In this case, it is required to select special projects, because the cottages in such areas should be special. So, you should see, for example, projects of narrow houses.

Houses that are built on such projects are quite complicated in production. But they most effectively use not a very successful land plot.

As a rule, one basic requirement is fulfilled in a narrow house – its length is twice the width. In this case, a narrow cottage allows you to harmoniously place the maximum of useful rooms on a small area.

You can find a project of a narrow cottage with a garage, either with a terrace or with an attic. Most often, narrow cottages are built two -story ones to maximize the minimum area.

In general, narrow buildings are a vivid example of urban development. Very often, one wall in such a house is built without windows at all, that is, it is a “blind”. This is done due to the fact that neighboring buildings are nearby, literally the wall in the wall.

In the projects of narrow cottages, in addition to planning the premises, problems such as an effective organization of lighting the premises, the choice of competent entrance to the house, or the transition to the garden, or the choice of a place where the garage will be located.

Some believe that projects of narrow houses are distinguished by some constraint (forced). And outwardly, such houses look very modest and compact. But the internal layout is amazing thoughtfulness, which creates an amazing state of comfort and comfort in such a house, despite the small size.

Narrow houses can be built of various materials – stone, and wood, and foam concrete. The choice of material largely depends on the capabilities of the customer, as well as on the climatic conditions in which such a house will stand.

In some cases, it is advisable to choose a project of a narrow house with a basement, on which it will be possible to take out all the utility rooms. In general, in order for a narrow house to become really cozy and comfortable to consider a comprehensive proposal, which will include designing a house and interior.

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