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The choice of paving slabs

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Instead of classical asphalting, now to arrange the adjacent territory of private houses and many other types of objects use paving slabs.

This is not surprising, because paving slabs look much more attractive than plain asphalt, it can be multi -colored, with patterns and not only. But, in order to get high -quality coating, you need to choose the right tile, take it seriously.

What to pay attention to when choosing paving slabs?

Today, paving slabs are produced by many companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs who make it in private workshops. It is very important to purchase factory products, because it is much better.

Of course, the factory products can be of poor quality, but you need to check the manufacturer’s reputation in advance, make sure that everything is in order. The fact is that the process is almost completely automated at the factory, there is a laboratory for controlling the quality of the finished products. Individual entrepreneurs are performed by employees, there are only units laboratories. The cost of factory tiles is not much higher than the workshop, so it is better to give preference to it.

As for the shape and size, there is no particular difference. If the product is of high quality, size and shape do not affect the properties. Although, for example, it is more difficult to install small tiles, so workers may require payment above. Large tiles are perfect for large territories, while small – for small. You can choose the tile of the same shape, or sets collected from tiles of different shapes. Again, laying paving slabs in the same shape will cost cheaper. The more complicated and original the appearance, the more expensive the cost of styling will cost.

The color can be any. But do not choose too bright and screaming, because it can tire. It is better to choose the main neutral color, and make colored inserts. It can be a homogeneous pattern, or some separate inserts, figures and not only.

Where to buy paving slabs

You can purchase it in construction markets, directly from manufacturers, or by ordering via the Internet. In online stores, the reputation of which also needs to be checked, these products are presented in a much broader choice. Therefore, if you want something original, you can order paving slabs from them.

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