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Types of metal tiles

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For the roof of the pitched roofs, a metal tile is used. Metal provides reliability and durability, is not afraid of snow winter and direct sunlight. These qualities contributed to the acquisition of the popularity of metal tiles.

The metal tile varies in the following parameters:

raw materials;

form of profiling;

The height of the wave and the width of the step;

Type of decorative coating.

The metal tile is made of aluminum steel with a thickness of 0.35 to 0.7 millimeters, a protective layer is applied on top, which plays the role of decorative and providing strength and protection against moisture and mechanical influences.

The color palette, the type of profile and geometric sizes are the main criteria in the choice of metal tiles. The shade is chosen only according to the preferences of the buyer, it does not affect the qualitative characteristics, contrary to the opinion of many, that the light tile burns faster. In fact, it all depends on the quality of the coating.

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The sizes of metal tiles should be as accurate as possible. It depends on them how high -quality the roof will be and how it will pass.

The high relief of the tiles contributes to the stiffness of the finished roof. “Small” wave – up to 5 cm, more than 5 cm – “high”.

The most popular types of metal tiles are the following:

“Monterrera”, with many subspecies, each of them has its own size, but exactly the same smooth forms of steps and profile;

“Cascade” – with straightforward forms that allow you to quickly lay the roof on the square;

“Andalusia” – as accurately as possible copies the classic tiles;

“Spanish dune”;

“Shanghai” and others.

Protective coating of metal tiles

The protective coating limits the effect of moisture and sunlight on the surface of the metal tile. On the market you can purchase tiles with the following coatings:

Glossy polyester – a material with good resistance to weather conditions, but does not make a mechanical effect well.

Matte polyester is more hardy compared to glossy, but the choice of color scheme is small.

Pural tolerates temperature changes well, aggressive environment.

Plastic – created on the basis of polyvinyl chloride, is the most resistant to mechanical influences and atmospheric effects, but it does not tolerate direct sunlight well.

Polydiftorite – a thin thickness of the protective coating layer will ensure resistance to mechanical damage, to sunlight and weather conditions, but has a high cost.

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