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Wallpaper for the hall

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Hall face of all the living space. This is the room, which design is required to approach with all seriousness, in order to be able to create an environment that will be pleasant as households, also guests. And an important role in the development of comfortable design is played by the design of wallpaper for the hall.

Especially appropriate selection for the hall is fashionable woven wallpapers, which differ in the property of masking the flaws of surfaces. How to choose wallpaper for the hall, so that they are suitable and do not look ridiculous?

The very first, it is required to hold on ordinary instructions: – For small living rooms, more bright wallpapers are selected, without an image or with a small rare image; – For very large rooms, you can use wallpaper more saturated tones with a large image; – Wallpaper with a horizontal strip visually lower the room, but make it more free; – Wallpaper with a sheer strip will increase the ceiling, but visually reduce the volume of the room. Even wallpapers for the hall in the housing with dark or bright furniture are selected in soothing, dim tones, and on the contrary, bright furniture is obliged to stand out against the background of bright wallpaper with a large image. in a similar way it will be possible to achieve the harmony of the color palette.

Wallpaper in the hall should look luxurious, but not obsessively. A combination of 2 types of wallpaper will look unique, where the upper part of the walls is glued more bright, serene wallpaper, and the lower one is more dark.

The type of pasting is timely when the dark wallpaper with a floral pattern is glued over the wall that the sofa is installed, and for the other three walls, bright plain ones are selected. For those who have not yet reasoned what kind of wallpaper for the hall, the photo under the number on this site will be allowed to regard the various varieties of wallpaper wallpaper in order to create convenient and fashionable design.

Bright and striped wallpaper in the hall, photography under number 1

Wallpaper in the hall in warm color gama, photography under number 2

Dark wallpapers in the design of the hall, photo at number 3

Black and white wallpapers with a floral pattern, photography under number 4

Bright wallpapers with a frequent image, photo under number 5

#image. JPG

Combining cladding in the hall, photography under number 6

Wallpaper in a sheer strip, photo under number 7

Reception of wallpaper combining, photography under number 8

Wall cladding with various wallpaper, photography under number 9

Wallpaper for the hall in a horizon strip, photo under number 10

The property of the horizontal strip increase space, photography under number 11

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