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We draw on the walls

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How sometimes I want to add originality, beauty, unusualness to the interior of my apartment … There is no time, no time, no time, no time, no time to make another repair. But something new I still want. And here a long -forgotten, but revived art of stencil painting comes to the rescue.

Thanks to this painting, you can update the walls and ceilings in the apartment so that it will seem completely new. And, most importantly, for this you will not need to call a brigade of malyans. You can do almost everything yourself.

First you need to choose a drawing that will delight you and cheer you up. It can be either one -color and multi -color. The latter will apply a little more difficult, but not so much as to refuse it.

We make a stencil

When the drawing is selected, it is necessary to make a stencil. There are stencils:

* for one -time use – from the oracle;

* for urgent application of the picture – from dense plastic (the pattern in this case will be of low quality);

* For reusable use – from a polymer film (for attaching a stencil to the wall you will need aerosol glue).

You can make a stencil in two ways: yourself or in a specialized company.

Responsible moment: apply drawing

When the stencil is ready, the most interesting stage in the renewal of the room comes. To begin with, we fasten the stencil to the wall or ceiling (in which way, depends on the stencil itself and on the surface, it is one thing to decorate the stretch ceilings of Samara, and the other to paint a white plastered wall). Gently press it using a blank sheet of paper. After that, with a brush with a short bristle or sponge, apply paint.

If you need to apply a multi -color drawing, you will need multi -sized multi -sized number of coordinated stencils.

After the paint has dried up, you need to carefully remove the stencil from the wall and enjoy the result of the work done.

The number of repetitions of these stages depends on how much you want to make a picture tape.

Stone painting can be applied both oil and latex paints. The latter are most suitable for concrete and plastered walls. They can even be applied to wet walls. Recently, Samara stretch ceilings have been popular, they have been made from different materials. If you decide to decorate such a ceiling, then first find out how the paint will behave on a particular material.

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