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We simplify the task: hang a picture without a nail!

by realapartment

Sometimes you need to hang a picture without drilling holes in the wall. Sometimes this is a necessity, another time it is an option. Nevertheless, the skill and knowledge of how every man should do it, even if he masterfully drilles the holes with a drill and hangs the paintings on a nail on any surface. The man, by the way, must definitely share knowledge of how to hang something on the wall without nails, with a woman, for paintings and photo frames are more female fun.

So, there are several ways to cope with the task. The best option for the picture is a bilateral tape. However, you will not suit the usual stationery adhesive tape, you need a double -sided tape of a fabric basis. Here, for example, an editing adhesive tape, as is produced by the company “Business Park”. This is a sticky tape where the adhesive coating is on both sides.

There are still special bilateral adhesive squares specifically for fastening paintings. They are sold in many clerical departments of ordinary department stores, and they can also be found in stationery stores, bookstores, etc. P..

In order to attach the picture to bilateral tape or sticky squares, you first put the frame to the wall and circle it with a pencil. The fact is that if you do not mark in advance, then you should touch you with an adhesive tape to the wall, as it will be fixed and you will not move your frame anymore. You can do without marking, but then be careful – you have one chance. If you make a mistake, keep in mind that even if you twitch it well, traces of glue will remain on the wall.

But bilateral adhesive tape is a good option for tiled, wooden, plastic surfaces. For wallpaper – this option is quite problematic. If you want to take a picture without nails on a wall with wallpaper, then use sewing pins or stationery buttons. The former can be hooked directly by the wallpaper, but this design will withstand only small paintings…And in general, it is better then not to touch such a picture on the wall. Chancellery paper clip can, if desired, and the Russian heroic silushka to stick directly into the wall, and it will hold no worse than a nail. But if you hook it only for the wallpaper, then the concept will also be that the pin.

The Project Right portal recalls that it is sometimes necessary to hang a picture without nails on purpose, and not just as an option. So, for example, in places where wiring or pipes is carried out, the walls do not need to be drilled. It is always easier to glue it on the tile than to spoil the surface with holes. Well and so on. We wish you a successful decor of our home.

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