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We will build a hotel and we will … work?

by realapartment

The upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi a few years ago surpassed the entire Russian business, which owns a more or less solid investment fund. Everyone wanted a piece of the Olympic cake, and the first thing that occurred to everyone was to build a hotel. The direction of thoughts is correct, but few thought about the consequences of such a decision.

Hotel construction is a very responsible project for an investor. Before starting the case, you need to clearly decide why you are going to build a hotel. There may be several options.

one. You are going to do hotel business yourself.

The construction of a hotel in an unfamiliar city cannot begin without studying local characteristics. You can conceive the construction of a large multi -star hotel and not take into account its environment, which will not contribute to the favorable business of the business.

In this case, it is required to estimate whether an equivalent amount of profit will bring the purchase of a modest, even emergency, mansion in the center? In our time, there are many programs, as a result of which the reconstruction of hotels can be carried out in the least costly way. As a result, even a small guest house will turn into a rapidly recruiting profitable business.

2. You plan to remove the cream and later sell the hotel.

The option associated with the alienation may be the most profitable if construction is underway on the occasion of the expected large -scale event like the Olympiad. All other options are unpromising. The new hotel is required not only to build, but also to advertise, to attract the expected category of guests. This business is not fast. When it is time to draw the cream with a spoon, it may turn out that all resources are developed, and the profit at best is reduced to zero.

3. You immediately intend to put up a hotel for sale.

Also, it can not always work. A single hotel today is guaranteed to be a profitable business in only two cases: if it is profitable or involves an increased level of comfort and prestige. A budget hotel located on the outskirts will necessarily yield corporations containing a network of such institutions.

Starting the implementation of the conceived project, it is important to seek a consultation with a professional, such as the company Thi Development, in which, in addition to the construction itself, marketing research will conduct and will continue to provide information and legal support services.

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