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What are good interior doors made of eco-veneer?

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A variety of models of interior doors can confuse every person unfamiliar with this area. Laminated, veneered, solid wood, glass and many others – it’s quite difficult to choose from them … If you don’t know about eco-veneer interior doors, which will suit almost any room and interior. Why are they so good?

What is eco-veneer?

For the design of such doors, eco-veneer is used – an artificial material based on high-purity polypropylene and natural wood fiber. A thin, but very strong and durable film is made from them, which is applied to the surface of the door leaf.

Many companies want to buy such doors in bulk: they look great in offices and commercial premises. But this does not mean that they have a boring, “clerical” appearance.

On the contrary, Eco -Rospond doors are characterized by attractive and diverse design, among which everyone will find an option for themselves. Do not be afraid of the word “polypropylene” – this is a certified polymer that is completely safe for human health.

It even makes containers for food and medicines!

Advantages of Ecoveneer coated doors:

moisture resistance – the material is not afraid of moist air and splashes of water, so that such a door can be safely placed in the bathroom and toilet – it will not dry out and will not lose its attractive appearance over time;

resistance to temperature extremes and dry air – the eco-veneer coating will not peel off even under conditions unfavorable for other types of doors (for example, natural veneer dries, cracks and peels off at low humidity);

perfect texture that cannot be achieved with natural veneer. The wood array has various marriages, knots and darkening, clearly visible on the veneer and worsening the appearance of products covered with it. Ecoveneer is completely devoid of such a disadvantage;

easy to clean – doors with an ecological veneer coating do not require special care, just wipe them with a damp cloth during cleaning. If necessary, you can even use aggressive detergents (if, for example, a child painted a door with a marker);

favorable price – the cost of such doors is significantly lower than analogues coated with natural veneer and, moreover, with solid wood. And at the same time, in terms of their functional characteristics, eco-veneer doors are not only not inferior to them, but even surpass their “competitors”.

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