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What is cement made of?.

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Cement is a specialized substance that is often used in various construction works. The dry composition of cement is most often diluted with water, or by other means due to which it hardens after a certain time.

Cement was first invented in England in the nineteenth century, and a few years later the author of the invention decided to patent his discovery. Quite a lot of time has passed, so since then the cement has somewhat changed its composition. One of the main components is clinker, which is the result of firing a wide variety of mixtures of slag, clay, limestone.

Important properties of cement

Cement, as a rule, from different manufacturers may differ in composition . Based on this, its certain characteristics and properties will change. We will cover the main ones:

Одним из основных свойств можно назвать прочность, от которой зависит стойкость цемента к определённым негативным фактором. In this regard, there are four types of cement strength;

Curing of cement. After the cement is laid on the surface, the setting period first passes. It takes about a day. Hardening depends primarily on temperature conditions. If the air temperature is about 20 degrees C, solidification will occur within the next three hours. The lower the temperature level, the longer it will take to harden;

Cement grinding. This is a very important factor that cannot be ignored, because the rate of cement hardening depends on the grinding;

Frost resistance. In the cold season, water solidifies on the cement, which can increase in volume and come into direct contact with the mortar, violating it.

On the building materials market today you can find a large selection of varieties of cement, you can buy it in bags or in bulk. Основными считается – глинистый цемент с разнообразными добавками, которые защищают от огня, воды, мороза, а также известковый и мергелистый.

Also excellent Portland cement and Portland slag cement, decorative, backfill. Each type of cement has its own purpose and certain properties. Portland cement hardens quite quickly, and contains 15% mineral additives, grouting cement is used for concreting wells.

The scope of cement is practically unlimited, because it is one of the most popular building materials, analogues of which have not yet been invented. One of the most common applications is pouring foundations for new building construction.

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