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What is SRO in construction?

by realapartment

Construction is an extremely profitable business. In addition, the construction of buildings and structures is in great demand, as it is necessary to satisfy the need of an ever-growing population for housing and infrastructure.

It is not surprising that many aspiring entrepreneurs want to connect their activities with this particular area. However, they will have to take care not only of the availability of orders, special equipment, equipment and workers, but also of the study of the legislative framework, in particular, construction projects. What is it and why it is impossible to erect buildings and carry out major repairs without an understanding of this term?

Specialized companies learned about what an SRO is in 2009, when the licensing of this activity was canceled at the legislative level. Instead of acquiring a license, the firm must join some kind of self-regulatory organization. And SROs accept only those entrepreneurs whose services are of excellent quality. This is how a high level of work, safety of personnel, reliability and durability of buildings are guaranteed.

The activities of self-regulatory organizations must comply with strict legal standards, which is checked by the relevant supervisory authorities (Rostekhnadzor). For example, an SRO must include at least one hundred companies, it is also necessary to create its own financial fund and insure participants. Information about it is entered in the state register.

Each SRO must develop a set of specific rules and regulations that participants will comply with in their professional activities. So, every five years, employees of firms must undergo advanced training for builders according to programs determined by Rostekhnadzor. The head of the company must acquire a diploma of higher specialized education. In addition, at least three employees must have the same diplomas and work experience in their specialty for at least three years. And at least five employees need to have a specialized secondary education and five years of work experience.

Companies that join the self-regulatory organization will have to allocate space for two additional staff positions. We are talking about a quality engineer and a construction control engineer. Their training is carried out according to the standards of Rostekhnadzor.

In addition, the state imposes many other requirements at the legislative level to individual entrepreneurs. To help not to get confused in them and always be aware of innovations is precisely the purpose of joining the SRO.

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