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Calculation of the diameter of heating pipes and the choice of material

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Installation of any heating system requires a lot of time, effort and material means. For its correct installation, you need to choose the optimal pipe, as well as measure its necessary diameter. In this article you will just get acquainted with these two components of a successful installation.

So, let’s talk about the varieties of pipes. In accordance with their characteristics, it will be easy for you to make the most correct choice.

In total, three types of heating pipes are distinguished:

Metal -plastic – this material is popular among consumers, thanks to the cheapness and simplicity of its installation. The pluses of the pipe can also be attributed to their property to high stability from corrosion. This effect is achieved due to the correct structure of the material. It is impossible not to say about the aluminum layer – it contributes to excellent protection against increasing volumes as a result of an increase in temperature;

Polypropylene – first of all, pipes can boast of their reliability. They will serve you for at least 50 years! However, a serious minus immediately follows from this plus – the pipes are prone to corrosion and various deposits. The second big plus of the material consists in its resistance to changes in temperature and moisture level indoors. In general, these pipes are the most optimal for the heating system. Moreover, the price of them is quite low;

Metal – serve mainly as an addition in the general heating system. The advantage of these pipes is in a long period of service and at a relatively small price. The remaining characteristics of only a negative nature: a complex process of heating (both equipment and experts themselves will be required), the material itself is very difficult, which can adversely affect the walls of your apartment;

Types of pipes for heating, we dismantled, proceed to calculating the necessary radius:

It is advisable to purchase pipes in a size of 1 inch or half -inch;

If your apartment does not exceed 55 square meters in size, then for it the most optimal option will be pipes with a diameter of 0.5 inches;

If the room has an area of ​​about 293 square meters, then it will be appropriate to install a single pipe whose diameter will be 1 inch;

If your apartment does not exceed 146 square meters. meters, then it is better for her to use a pipe with a cross -inch section.

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