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Dacha outside the city: wisdom when buying

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According to the results of sociological research, half of the surveyed residents of the capital, living in high-rise buildings, are not opposed to living in a detached house. None of them doubts that buying a land plot with a finished building will be much cheaper than buying a city apartment. A little more expensive, maybe it will be the construction of a new house. But the fact that you can build a building according to your own project and taking into account your own wishes gives many citizens an optimistic mood.

Residents of the capital prefer to buy land for construction in close proximity to the city. However, the land plots allocated for residential development to the MKAD line are almost completely sold out. The construction of private houses and cottage settlements has moved far beyond the city limits. Real estate in the town of Zelenograd, whose name speaks for itself, is especially popular.

Of particular interest to the residents of the capital is the fact that buying a plot on the lands of the near Moscow region means wisely investing in real estate. The investment attractiveness of Zelenograd lands is growing every year, despite crises, currency collapses and political situations. Successfully acquired building plots in more remote areas of the region. Entire villages are being created from country houses and villas, which acquire the status of residential buildings all year round. In parallel with the construction of the residential sector, various social facilities are being built, roads, entrances, transport interchanges, metro stations are being built.

Land is considered a liquid object. And every year there are less and less vacant plots for building. In the real estate market, prices are regulated not only by demand, but also by the supply of goods, in this case, land. Therefore, the decision will be correct: “I will buy a summer house, and then I will decide what to do with it”.

To choose the best option for buying a plot in the Moscow region, many consumers resort to the help of special agencies, real estate offices, developers. In these companies you can find out information about the dynamics of real estate prices in various market segments, get acquainted with the proposed solutions and get a qualified specialist to help. They relieve you of the problems associated with the purchase and sale transaction, with the registration of property rights, with the collection of various certificates and other documents.

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