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Design and construction of frame houses

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The projects of frame houses offered on the market involve their construction according to Canadian technology, which was not so long ago transferred to Russian soil. From the very beginning of the construction of houses on this progressive technology, it has extremely interested in Russian customers.

The fact is that the weather conditions in Canada extremely resemble the living conditions for most of the Russian Federation, and the project of frame houses developed by Canadian builders and the technology of their construction adapted to the harsh climate allowed to solve the problem of rapidly providing numerous emigrants by normal housing after the end of the Second World War.

In today’s Russian construction practice, various projects of frame houses find more and more fans. These houses are distinguished by a wide variety of structures, are light and do not require powerful foundations, and also quickly gather.

Construction companies during the development of Canadian technology significantly improved the technology itself and diversified the nomenclature of typical projects. Today, companies offer the construction of frame houses for standard projects without payment for the project of the frame house itself, while an individual project can cost a round sum.

The basis of all projects of frame houses is a wooden beam with a thickness of 150 or 100 millimeters, from which the main perimeter frame is assembled. The thickness of the beam is selected depending on the thickness of the heat -insulating plates, which are just 100 and 150 millimeters thick.

If, nevertheless, an individual construction option is chosen, then the development of the project of the house begins with a binding to the relief of the site on which the house will be built. Further design takes into account the wishes of the customer who could not be covered with typical projects.

Typical projects usually provide for the construction of one -story, two -story and attic houses. Each of the projects has its own characteristics. And if the development of projects of houses in one floor provides only one ceiling ceiling and the attic, then the two -story requires the installation of two ceilings and has an attic, which can be accessed from the second floor.

The project of the house with an attic is very attractive, in which the attic is slightly increased, and due to this space an additional attic floor appears in a one -story house, which is used as a bedroom.

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