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Designers, we have ideas for you too

by realapartment

Love for a beautiful view, has been since the creation of the earth. Every person always tries to make the place where he lives beautiful. Therefore, there was such a profession as a designer in particular interiors. Designers need to be up to date with the latest developments. And this applies in every way. The more information you have, the more money you earn. Today in the twenty-first century, technology is advancing. Who loves to paint or painted walls, there is an offer for those. This is a paint that picks up during the daylight and gives off at night, gradually darkening. The next day everything repeats.

Where can this paint be used?

Swimming pool. For example, you can paint different pictures with the theme of the sea with this paint. At the same time, you can add a tile that glows.

Winter Garden. I usually use it when they want to arrange bouquets, both live and dry. Whoever makes a winter garden wants this place to be very beautiful. Here you can offer Pandora’s place. Remember the movie Avatar, and even better, review how many times, while peering into the details. On the walls themselves, you can also draw pictures from various plants. During the day, this room will resemble the jungle, and at night …… imagine what a beauty. And don’t forget the 3D drawings.

Children’s. But here it goes without saying. While the children are growing, they can draw or tear the wallpaper, and if there is paint, then at any time it will be possible to fix it, this family can be considered regular customers for a certain time. And also parents save on light, and you don’t have to think that it can close the wire. During the day, the child sees painted walls, and at night these heroes glow. The baby will fall asleep calmly and parents will not have to sit over the crib for a long time.

Bedroom. You can select walls, ceiling and so on. In this case, the paint will work as a free highlight. And everything will be visible at any time of the day.

You can use this paint almost anywhere. And most importantly, you will be in front of everyone.

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