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Features of redevelopment

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In the housing market, both options with ready -made finishes and free layout are presented, and the latter are found more and more often. Standard layout often does not suit the owners, and they contact various architectural bureaus and design companies to redevelop the room.

There are two types of redevelopment: either they affect the supporting structures, or imply minor changes – the removal of openings, external walls, joining the balcony to the room. Depending on the work, their type and complexity, the redevelopment price is determined, which in some cases can be one hundred thousand rubles.

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Some changes in the layout do not require mandatory coordination, for example, to make an arch in an unnecessary wall. If the walls are demolished, including those who carry, without coordination, this can lead not only to a violation of the bearing capacity of the building, but also to serious problems for the home owner himself. At the same time, experts advise you to coordinate any redevelopment, since the availability or absence of relevant documents may affect the subsequent sale of housing.

It is noted that almost 80% of buyers of new housing carry out work on redevelopment of the apartment, since they are not satisfied with the standard layout. At the same time, from the entire assortment of the real estate market, the premises involving free layout account for only 20%. In such apartments, only a kitchen and bathrooms are allocated – without this, the house simply will not be accepted by the relevant commission.

The redevelopment takes a lot of effort, money and time. So, between the inspection of the commission and the commissioning of the redeveloped premises, 4-6 months take place, after which changes are made to the Rosreestr and the Unified State Register-this process lasts another 15 calendar days.

If you still decide to make a redevelopment in your apartment, remember that a number of actions are prohibited.

The kitchen and bathrooms should not be over the living rooms, in the floor and ceiling you can not pierce through holes. You can not install doors that cut off the part of the common premises, and heating devices, more powerful than available, and additional locking reinforcement. Heating of the floor and loggia should not be connected to the heating system of the apartment, conducting heating pipes and hot water supply should not decrease in diameter. And in no case should the supporting structures be demolished.

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