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Features of suburban construction

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Private houses outside the city are quite in demand among residents of St. Petersburg. After all, living in a bosom of nature, especially in the summer of the year, is much more pleasant, healthier for health.

Therefore, suburban construction in St. Petersburg is becoming increasingly popular among the population living in a metropolis. If there is a construction formation, experience, free time, a country house can be built with your own hand.

Otherwise, it is better to entrust your chosen project at home with a reliable, having a good reputation as a construction company.

Features of the initial stage of construction

It must be taken into account that the construction of country houses with their own hands is quite laborious, they can drag out for a long period. While the construction of cottages in the Leningrad Region by the contractor is carried out in the deadline specified by the contract. Carried out in accordance with the developed project.

Construction begins with preparatory work. First, survey geological work is carried out on the site. Their goal is to determine the characteristics of the soil at the place of erecting a country house. This is necessary for choosing the type of foundation for the built building.

It is especially important to know the characteristics of the soil during the construction of stone 2, 3-storey houses. After all, they have a very large load on the base.

If the type of foundation is incorrectly, the walls can be distorted, cracks will appear, the further erection of the building will become impossible. In order to avoid such problems, it is better to entrust the production of preparatory, construction work to professionals.

Who to entrust suburban construction?

To reduce financial costs, construction is often entrusted to the brigade of civilian workers. In such cases, it is important to have an idea of ​​the work, the cost of materials, ensuring their delivery to the construction site. It will also be necessary to maintain constant control over the construction progress.

When concluding an agreement with a company, a contractor with many years of experience, a good reputation for customers, the customer may not worry about the quality of the work ongoing. After all, such companies really value their resume. They carry out construction strictly in accordance with the project. The contract prescribes all stages of work.

The client can order the construction of a house for “key”, and with insufficient financial support only the construction of a box with a roof. The phased performance of the work allows the customer in case of unforeseen circumstances to suspend the construction. And continue it under more optimal conditions for him.

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