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Foundation construction – choice of type

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On how correctly chosen and erected the foundation of the house depends in many ways its longevity.

It is with the foundation that the construction of the house begins. The construction of the foundation refers to the laborious and long process, which will require professionally calculation. If the foundation was laid down incorrectly, then its correction will require significant material investments. Therefore, it is better to correctly perform design and installation than to correct someone’s oversights.

The price of the foundation in Novosibirsk, in Bau Mix will be approximately 15-20% of the designed cost of the entire structure. And error correction can increase the cost of the foundation up to twice. The main criterion for choosing a foundation is the depth of groundwater. Depending on the depth, soil characteristics, size and weight of the building, the foundation is selected.

The strip foundation can be monolithic or prefabricated. This is the most universal type of foundation. It can be at a private and apartment building. But with its versatility, the shortcomings should be taken into account, where its high cost lies in the first place. But technological simplicity is often the main characteristic when choosing.

For a monolithic foundation, they make a formwork where reinforced concrete is filled. Pillow of sand, gravel and crushed stone is made under concrete. A prefabricated strip foundation is much faster. Ready -made reinforced concrete blocks are used for him.

In the pile foundation, the load from the house is transmitted through the system of piles and grillages. Such a foundation is used on weak soils that are saturated with water. Concrete on such a foundation will require much less. Piles are clogged into the ground at a straight or not right angle. Piles are interconnected by special beams or plates. Reinforced concrete, wood, metal are used as materials. But the most bowl is used by reinforced concrete or concrete piles. The latter are made right on the spot: concrete is poured into prepared wells.

If the building is small, then there is enough slab foundation. The slab foundation is used on mobile soils, that is, those that can sore or swell. This is usually sandy or flooded soil. The foundation slabs have increased rigidity compared to the strip and pile foundation, which allows you to not destroy the houses not to respond to changes in soil levels. The foundation simply follows the movable soil.

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