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How to choose a project of a suspended ceiling

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Today there is a good opportunity to make a choice of ceiling structures. A huge number of different materials are now located on the market. In order not to get confused, first of all, to know what the suspended ceiling should be today.

Materials determine the properties

All suspended ceilings have a variety of materials. The ceilings that are made of natural materials are most popular now. They, as a rule, much improve the microclimate in the room. Such materials can be safely attributed to:

– basalt and gypsum;

– wood, metal and quartz.

All these natural materials provide a good opportunity to create ceilings that can vary greatly in appearance.

For example:

Metal type ceilings have significant differences in metal processing. Very often, this kind of designs are used at airports or in those rooms where high requirements are required for hygiene. Such ceilings are distinguished by their strength and reliability.

Wooden ceilings can be confidently attributed to elite materials. Such materials are made, as a rule, to order. Their advantage is always aesthetics and elegance. Ceilings have found application in banks or offices.

If we talk about gypsum ceilings, then their fire -resistant properties, smooth surface and rapid painting can be noted. As a rule, these ceilings are used in those rooms where the inter -ceiling space is practically not operated. The gypsum ceiling has the ability to delay extraneous noises well, it has an excellent soundproofing ability.

Quartz ceilings are called acoustic. They have the ability to absorb sounds in a large frequency range. They can be used in any place, as they also have non -combustible properties. Such ceilings are not susceptible to deformation and have great opportunities for architects to solve a wide variety of projects. They also tolerate the difference in temperature and humidity well. Differ in a long service life.

In some rooms, both humidity and temperature may change during operation. In such cases, slabs can swell or sag even. Even a variant of the partial collapse of the structure is possible. So that this does not happen, you need to carefully select materials for the ceilings. Moreover, it is necessary to supplement that temperature changes often lead to a change in the voltage of the structure itself. Try to keep these factors in mind.

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