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How to choose and install a gas counter?

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The presence of a gas meter became a necessity after the introduction of the corresponding decree in the country. There is nothing wrong with users for this, because it allows you to save financial resources. The current norms are significantly overstated compared to the real gas consumption. The installation of meters is carried out by specialized organizations with an appropriate license. You can purchase a household gas meter both from a company-installer and yourself. In some cases, the second option costs a little cheaper, but in order not to get into trouble, several important aspects should be taken into account. In utilities, membrane meters are used. Their classification is based on the amount of gas consumed per hour. In order to determine this indicator, it is necessary to find out the technical characteristics of gas devices. An average four-burner stove consumes about 1.56 m³/h. The designation G-1.6 indicates that the meter can skip from 1.6 to 2.5 cubic meters, G-2.5 – from 2.5 to 4, G-4 from 4 to 6, and so on.

You should also pay attention to which side the gas is supplied from. In different devices, movement and counting can occur from left to right, or vice versa. It must match the location of the pipes.

An important point is the date of release of the product, since the date of checking the meter is considered from this day, and not from the date of installation. You should be aware that obsolete meters of the SG sample must be checked every five years, and for new generation products this period has been increased to 12 years.

Having visited the store of gas stoves and related appliances, you can choose the right device for yourself there. If problems arise with an independent selection of a counter, then it is better to entrust this task to specialists.

Installation and operation

Before installing a gas meter, you must submit an application to the PES. Next, a visit to a specialist who evaluates the general condition of the network is assigned. All work should be carried out by specialists who are fully familiar with all modern requirements and standards. After the installation is completed, the owner of the apartment is issued an executive act and a document for the work of sealing.

After the start of operation of the meter, the user must take readings every month and pay for the resource used in accordance with the established tariffs. A gas supplying enterprise has the right to check how accurately the transmission of the testimony.

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