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How to make a budget repair in a new building apartment

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Many lucky people who have just become owners of an apartment in a new building first of all want to make repairs and equip it to their liking.

Buying an apartment in a new building

Nowadays, new buildings are very different from the houses that were built in the Soviet Union. The main problem is that you used to move into an apartment with small amenities, like cosmetic repairs, an equipped bathroom and a gas stove, but now you can move into a perfect empty box, where even the walls are not always plastered.

After you have solemnly handed the keys to the new apartment you will have to spend a lot of money, and most importantly, to fully settle for living with the whole family.

The only advantage of such an entrance is only the fact that you can create the interior design of all rooms at your own discretion. Of course, the acquisition of such a property will not give you any financial advantage, since you will have to spend most of your budget on renovating an apartment in a new building.

However, if at least a minimal finish has been carried out in it, wiring has been done, a bathroom has been equipped and the walls are relatively even and smooth, then you still have a chance to make a budget repair, Zemand will help. At the same time, it is worth considering the fact that a new building may shrink a little, so you should look at finishing materials that are highly resistant to deformation. That is, fabric wallpapers are suitable for walls, it is better to make a stretch ceiling, and as for flooring, it is necessary to use linoleum.

If finishing work on the walls was carried out in the apartment, then this will allow you to quickly and easily glue the wallpaper and save the budget. If you purchase an apartment in a new building, you can bring to life all the ideas about the design of each room according to its preferences. However, no serious changes (redevelopment and t. D.) do not have to do, which means that finances will be saved.

You can make your apartment comfortable and comfortable with your own hands, but only if you have at least a little experience in laying ceramic tiles, creating a suspended ceiling and installing doorbells. Otherwise, you can entrust all this to the team of builders.

In addition, in our time there is an opportunity to purchase an apartment in which everything will already be equipped. All finishing work will already be completed in it, furniture is arranged, etc. D. This option is suitable for people who prefer standard.

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