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How to visually expand the bathroom?

by realapartment

The owners of small bathrooms should not worry: there are many ways to visually make the room wider or pull it out, making it significantly higher. It is these points that we propose to consider in this article. All tips have already been tried by many owners, so you don’t have to worry about bad decisions.


Let’s start with a color scheme that will help make the space more spacious. Surely you could guess – it is pastel, fairly light colors that are best suited for this purpose; they should harmonize well with your bathroom furniture. It is undesirable to use black or too dark tiles, which usually narrow the space, making it more closed. Decor elements can be made in dark colors, but then you should limit yourself. You can make the restroom wider by using a large rectangular tile that must be laid horizontally. The ideal option would be the presence of strips (you can even almost invisible), which should be located parallel to the floor. Such tiles will look incredibly beautiful, be sure to purchase it if there are in stores. Those wishing to stretch the room (keep in mind, it will seem non -whaled) can advise horizontal lines in the interior. This option is better for spacious rooms.


It is impossible to present a restroom of any size without furniture, so you will have to choose it with special attention. Remember: good furniture for bathrooms (if you want it to serve for a long time) should be very high quality, made without the slightest deformation. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to the manufacturer of Colombo, whose representatives took care of different furniture options, which will look successfully in rooms of any size. Despite this, we will give some tips: be sure to buy a cabinet under the washbasin. The tulip shell always looks advantageous, but you will need to add hygiene items somewhere, and it will be unprofitable to purchase an additional separate cabinet, plus it will clutter up the space. Decorative shelves will look beautiful, which will also help expand the room, you can place beautiful decorative elements on them. Despite this, accessories should not be too much, so don’t carry all sorts of cute things stored at home to the bathroom. Keep in mind the maximum functionality you want to extract.

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