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Interior decoration with works of photo art from Vershinin

by marusia

Masterpieces of modern photographic art organically fit into the interior. Luxurious photo canvases on the walls become the very highlight that makes the design of the room truly unique.

Alexander Vershinin creates landscape photography for home decor that will transform any room, make it stylish and spectacularly decorated in accordance with the latest trends in interior design.


There are many reasons to decorate the walls of your home or office with photographic art:

  1. Artistic photographs on the walls of a bedroom or living room transform the room, create a special unique atmosphere.
  2. Using photographs on the walls, you can create so-called “focal points” in rooms or in the kitchen. Such an image immediately attracts the eye, looks unusual and stylish.
  3. You can choose the appropriate size of the photo canvas, depending on the parameters of the room where it will be located. In small rooms, photos of modest size will be appropriate. Large-sized works complete the design of a large room. Also, the image in the photo plays a certain role in this regard. For example, snowy landscapes contribute to the visual expansion of small spaces.
  4. Buying photographic canvases is a smart investment. For a relatively small amount, you can buy a real masterpiece that will decorate the room better than expensive repairs.
  5. Photos on the walls distract from the hustle and bustle, promote relaxation after a hard day. Looking at the enchanting landscapes, a person feels calm and peaceful, gets rid of nervous tension and accumulated negativity.


When choosing photo canvases for the interior, you should be guided by the following tips:

  1. First of all, you need to decide on a suitable frame that will frame the canvas.
  2. Wooden frames are considered a classic option. They will perfectly fit into any interior. Such products are very durable, solid, look presentable.
  3. Metal frames look very fashionable and match the features of a modern interior.
  4. Frames made of environmentally friendly material are a great choice for everyone who cares about nature.
  5. The image in the photo should have a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state, cause only positive emotions.
  6. Therefore, you should choose a photo for the interior very thoughtfully, listening to your feelings.

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