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Investing in Cyprus real estate with MySpace: benefits and conditions

by buma888

What is profitable to invest in? Holding funds in foreign currency is a good, but unreliable option: even the most stable system can collapse. More traditional ways of investing work better. Jewelry, antiques, cultural treasures such as paintings by famous artists are an excellent choice, but it requires considerable artistic taste and the ability to thoroughly understand the subject. The risk of getting a fake is quite high. So stay with good old real estate. Land is always becoming more expensive, and buildings permanently built on it with technology will also only become more expensive. Especially when it comes to overseas real estate. “Properties for sale in Cyprus” – these words already sound like music.


Cyprus is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. The maritime climate, lots of sun, clean beaches make it attractive to tourists. This is also facilitated by ancient history: the culture of Cyprus dates back more than 10,000 years. An influx of tourists means an influx of funds, which boosts the economy. Thus, Cyprus will develop at a fairly intensive pace, and real estate in such cases always becomes more expensive.

The Cyprus economy is stable, as is the political situation. Everything is calm on the island, it is thriving and developing, and there is no need to be afraid of losing your investment. Of course, no one can give an absolute guarantee, but overall security is high.

Cyprus real estate is available to everyone, and this is a very important point. In some countries, foreigners are prohibited from buying real estate; in others, restrictions are imposed on this. It gets to the point where paperwork buries any foreigner who tries his luck, because the whole system is designed for this. Cyprus is open to external investment and willingly sells real estate to foreigners.


MySpace is a luxury agency specializing in real estate in Cyprus. Just Google “MySpace real estate agency” and see for yourself the highest qualifications. Experienced realtors have collected many excellent options: secluded villas, luxurious penthouses, spacious apartments. However, clients can also expect individual offers. The objects have one thing in common: they are extremely promising for investment.

Sales and rentals are MySpace’s bread and butter. The agency also manages property for foreigners – provided that it is located in Cyprus. There are also legal services: full support of the transaction, obtaining permission to purchase, inspection of the property and much more. Cooperation with MySpace opens up access to many services, you just need to use it.

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