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Is there any way to buy real estate at sea inexpensively

by realapartment

Many city residents are already tired of the permanent fuss and the continuous flow of movement. However, in the face of modern people, such people are no longer satisfied with a country vacation. Many have a trend in buying foreign housing with wider possibilities. Moreover, the resorts and those places that tourists have long been in great use are especially popular. Foreign real estate attracts our fellow citizens with the availability and quite acceptable prices, especially if you take capital rates for real estate. Such a high popularity of foreign apartments is ensured by the fact that local Russian resorts are in the initial stage of their development, so the service did not reach the level of other tourist corners.

The idea of ​​buying real estate at sea may appear during a vacation at the resort. In addition, to date, buying a house on some European coast is no longer an exotic and something unrealizable. Foreign investors are increasingly fixing their eyes on Thailand, as the most attractive place for buying foreign real estate. However, in this country of Southeast Asia there are some restrictions for foreign citizens. So, for example, you will not be able to buy land here, but you can easily acquire a apartment in condominiums. The peculiarity of such ownership of the apartment is that the total share of foreigners in condominiums should not exceed forty -nine percent, but if the main question is not in the real acquisition of housing, but still in the desire to “gain a foothold” in the new country, this does not play a significant role. In this case, it is not the area of ​​​​the apartment that is calculated, but the total part of the entire condominium.

For foreigners, buying real estate in Thailand is not the only way to live in this country. If desired, there is an opportunity to draw up a long -term lease of land, for which an agreement is concluded with a maximum validity period of 90 years. The land can be rented from the owner, in the role of which is a legal entity or an individual. Foreigners have the opportunity to extend rent every thirty years. There is also an option to organize your own company, after which you can already purchase land for a legal entity. At the cost of costs, renting housing is just not much cheaper than the cost of creating a company and registering land for it in property.

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