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Lighting of the site

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It is customary to meet a person on clothes, but the house should be evaluated by a personal plot. Much can be said about the owner of the house, evaluating how he cares, or does not care for his garden, a lawn. But what to do if you came to visit late in the evening? Very simple – a good owner even at night on the site will be light. To do this, you need to make the right lighting.

The most useful area and places where you should be careful is covered. The first can be attributed to a summer gazebo, entering the garage and entering the house. To the second, the site where the outer staircase begins or there is a ledge on the path. To cover such places, you can use a flashlight, suspended or on the mast.

For a greater effect, select a flashlight with an open from the bottom with a ceiling. It can be directed exactly where it is necessary.

It is important to choose the right lighting devices for paths. They are usually equipped with a series of lanterns. They differ in the length of the mast, so high are about 2m, and low approximately 1-1.4m. The lanterns also differ in the shape of the ceiling, there are closed and open.

Choose the height of the lanterns

Having chosen the height of the lanterns, it is important not to make a mistake in their quantity and in the distance between them in order to avoid the appearance of dark places. The lighting quality depends on the shape of the ceiling. If it completely closes the lamp, then the light will be scattering, more muffled. A number of lighted lanterns will give calm lighting. Lanterns with spaces open from above produce a stream of light clearly up, give extremely weak lighting, more decorative than functional. Plaipers open from below will illuminate the very track and space near it.

Options for lighting the site

Another option for lighting in a personal plot is solar batteries, they are also called garden. The design of such a lamp consists of a case, an electric battery and a LED light bulb, and also includes a solar battery, with which solar energy is converted into electric current. Another lamp must have a solar activity sensor.

For daylight hours, the battery is completely charged. Such a lighting device is equipped with a pin, with which it is stuck into the ground, the wires are completely absent. Thus, absolutely any area can be highlighted, and if desired to change lighting. Typically, garden lamps are performed in the form of various figures made of plastic.

You can always give coziness to your personal plot if you put at the entrance, for example, a gnome with a flashlight that will meet guests.

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