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Option repair classes. Repair of apartments in Kyiv

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Apartments repair is a rather popular service today. As a rule, the most favorable time for spending is the period from the end of spring to the beginning of autumn. At this time, many have the opportunity to leave for several months in a country house, to the cottage – to spend time away from the bustle of the city, noise and dust.

Repair requires compulsory planning. Only in this case you can plan the budget correctly, fulfill all the stages on time and in accordance with the wishes and requirements of the customer.

In order to understand exactly what a set of work your apartment is required, you should approach the issue in terms of repair classes.

one. Cosmetic repair of apartments

Work that can include this repair class designed to refresh the atmosphere of the apartment, update the premises, make them modern and attractive. As a rule, cosmetic is limited to decoration of the premises, including the replacement of flooring, wallpaper, tiles in the bathroom, ceiling device, as well as a small repair of engineering networks – plumbing, electricians, sewage.

Cosmetic repair of apartments in Kyiv is also called current. He will come in the case when the state of housing is at an acceptable level for life, but is morally already outdated.

2. Overhaul of apartments

It is required when the condition of the apartment is in a neglected, emergency state and requires significant changes for normal living.

In addition, major repairs may be required if the owners categorically do not suit their own housing and it is required to replace the decoration, as well as changes in the layout of the premises.

Overhaul of apartments is also called renovation and is carried out only according to the pre -compiled design to the project. In addition, this class most often includes redevelopment.

A number of works that include the replacement of the decoration of premises, interior and entrance doors, windows.

In addition, work on engineering networks is carried out. Wiring, plumbing, heating batteries are replaced.

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