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Packaging materials and their design

by realapartment

The role of packaging is becoming more and more important for the success of the product. Many people are set up to choose goods by how it looks, and not for it contents. Packaging may be the simplest marketing tools and play an important role in creating a brand. Make sure that the product will stand out among other similar ones on the shelves is also important as its quality. In this article, we will talk about packaging, its materials and design.

one. Tie the packaging with the symbols of the product.

Packaging should effectively interact with the value of the product. Creation of packaging with visualization of the symbols of the product that is inside is the game method to use the packaging design to transmit a product of the product. For example, Panasonic packed its headphones in a small box with a transparent lid, and put the headphones on a pillow in the form of a note.

2. Pass the functionality of the product through packaging

The packaging should emphasize the peculiarity of the product. For example, Nike packed its new Nike Air into a simple air bag under pressure, thereby additionally demonstrating the revolutionary depreciation of shoes itself. You can also apply a logo on the package if the company is not so recognizable in the market as Nike. If your business is in Nizhny Novgorod, then the Avantpak company (Avant52. – Printing on a film) can make packages with a logo or perform any other printing form on a film and other packaging products.

3. Add personal contact

Adding personal letters to your packaging and customer wishes will be regarded very positively. Create a certain emotional connection of you with your product. For example, many sellers of handmade goods, to each box or inside the package, attach personal wishes and gratitude to the client.

four. Make a packaging environmentally friendly

People value ecology, especially in recent years, when care for nature has become not only the care of human rights organizations, but also the trend. You can use materials that are easily processed and do not harm nature or make multifunctional packaging, which the client does not have to throw away or utilize.

5. Do something strange

The main thing is not to overdo it with the oddities in the packaging, so as not to scare away customers. But creative packaging options that stand out, one way or another, will make people pay attention to the goods. For example, a t -shirt with a print of a piece of meat, packed as packed steaks in grocery stores and so on.

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