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Products of Russian devices

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There are many devices that produce both heavy industrial machines and compact in size construction tools in the Russian Federation. At the same time, it is small -sized construction equipment that is very high in demand. Still, because it costs much cheaper than heavy industrial machines and are in demand on every construction site.

For example, inverter welding devices of Russian production are traditionally highly popular. Their price is one and a half times lower than for similar equipment released in Germany or Japan. At the same time, the Russian inverter is adapted to work at extremely low temperatures. It can easily be used even if the temperature on the construction site dropped to -20 degrees Celsius. But the Japanese devices of well -known brands are not capable of this – at such low temperatures they immediately fail.

Russian welding machines are the most reliable in the world!

By the way, it is Russian devices for welding that are currently considered one of the best in the world. And everything is not only about adaptation to low temperatures. Also domestic welding equipment has a very high failure tolerance. It continues to function even if:

Sand falls into its internal nodes;

Its main components rusted through and through;

A large amount of moisture got inside the apparatus.

Record low weight;

Very high carrying capacity – up to 10 tons;

The most thoughtful and effective safety system warning a break in the loaded cargo.

Neither Japanese nor any other manufacturers have yet been able to achieve such wear resistance.

Domestic hydraulics is another reason for pride

In addition, the most positive reviews from users also receive hydraulic devices that produce domestic instrument -planning enterprises. In particular, according to the results of the recently conducted independent testing of lifting equipment for car services, it was the Russian hydraulic jack of the production of one famous Moscow plant that was recognized as the most reliable and safe. In all respects, he went around the products of German, American and French companies. The main advantages of this device are:

So Russian industrial and construction equipment is not at all as bad as some of our fellow citizens are used to thinking.

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