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Protective canopy for a car – an affordable and simple alternative to a garage

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Each owner of the car knows that his favorite iron horse requires careful maintenance and care. In addition to the technical side of this issue, there is an external side – a way of storage. After all, the protection of the car from rain, snow or frantic heat is of the same importance. This is the only way to save the car in excellent condition for many years. An ideal “dwelling” for a car can be a full -fledged garage. But this pleasure is not all motorists affected. Therefore, a solution to such a problem can be a canopy for a car right near the house. It can be built for the same money that is spent on several months of renting a private garage. Thus, the issue of remoteness of the garage may also be resolved, because you will not have to spend precious time to overcome the path to it.

We offer for consideration the main three options for the design of the car’s canopy:

one. A canopy in the form of an arch is the most popular of all types. Such a canopy has an attractive appearance and is equipped with a necessary functional space, and also perfectly corresponds to the climatic indicators of the country. The design of the arch can be mounted without joints and possible “breaks”. One of the main advantages is that the water on the roof does not accumulate, unhindered flowing down.

2. Design with a single -sided roof. This canopy is installed on supports of different heights. In such images, water flows only on one side. This provides significant space savings. The canopy can be compactly built into the wall of the house or any other building. Installation of such a canopy can also be done without “breaks”.

3. High -speed design. This is a traditional type of canopy, it has a classic shape. This design will look perfect in the company with buildings of the same shape. Today, the choice of materials for the roof is so wide that only the car owner himself can make a choice of his preference and financial capabilities. But nevertheless, it is worth noting that the most commonly used canopies of polycarbonate, slate, bitumen tiles, metal tiles and others.

Of course, in addition to choosing a roof design, it is necessary to carefully consider the manufacture of supports, as well as farms that are directly responsible for supporting the roof. This is very important in the winter, because snow can accumulate on the roof, thereby increasing weight and pressure on the roof. Therefore, carefully calculate all points when choosing materials and making a protective canopy for a car.

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