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PVC windows in a general sense.

Today, many use in conversations when choosing a plastic window, but not many people know what exactly is hidden under this name. Metal -plastic windows, double -glazed windows, Eurookna – all this is one and the same, the same product that is called PVC.

In the general concept, PVC – frames and window products, the wings are made of PVC profiles (that is, plastic window profiles), a double -glazed window is installed inside them. Modern plastic windows are strength, technology, quality and convenience. A plastic window made by modern technologies is windows with fittings, which allows you to open a plastic window in two positions, at least: in the traditional – turning, modern way of opening – for ventilation, folding.

But, at the same time, plastic, in the presence of similar names of parts (double -glazed window, accessories, profile) and materials, can differ significantly in quality and manufacturing technology, and also, which is important, for consumers, in the cost of acquiring and installing the window.

It should be noted that PVC have several advantages. Aluminum or wooden, undoubtedly, is significantly inferior to plastic, in which the quality is excellent and high indicators of thermal insulation and sound insulation, as well as the cost of plastic ones, which is important for customers. Quality and cost are two important indicators for consumers. The company “Windows – Modern” offers high -quality, durable, manufactured using special technology that can be purchased for a profitable price for plastic windows. If earlier the plastic was more than luxury, an indicator of good wealth of the owner of the apartment and prestige, now almost everyone can afford high -quality plastic windows.

Having made a positive decision on the installation of a plastic window, you will save yourself from some problems. For example, you will not need to constantly repaint, seal the cracks and plug the distance between the frames as soon as the cold occurs, you will calmly fall asleep, without reacting to extraneous sounds that occur outside your apartment.

Plastic ones have only undeniable advantages. Although PVC in Russia appeared relatively recently, they are already very popular. According to statistics, plastic windows are installed in every fourth apartment and every second family already began to choose a window company to order PVC windows in St. Petersburg .

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