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Modern technologies do not stand still on the domestic market, because laziness is a progress engine. However, not only laziness, but also forgetfulness. Just for the lazy, forgetting and simply loving comfort, a remote system for managing plastic windows was invented.

What is a new system

The distance control system of windows is a combination of a wireless sensor, which is mounted in a window frame, a window control system and software. The latter is installed on a special remote control or in the mobile device of the owner of the house.

The remote control is most often mounted at the front door, in case you have already shoes/dressed, and forgot to close the windows. However, the feasibility of its presence, given the installation on the mobile phone, is not very clear. By the way about mobile phones, of course, we are talking about the latest generation devices – smartphones.

Remote control can be carried out at a considerable distance, from the phone you can close the windows while at work or in the theater. Although, maybe vice versa you will want to ventilate the apartment before your arrival.

Smart system

Yes, this is not just a distance system, but also smart. A striking example of such a technology is Maco Window-Matic, which can be programmed for a whole month in advance, when to open the windows, for what width or micro-enclosure.

This system is also called “smart” because protective software is built into it, in case hackers join the “homesh”. That is, to hack and reprogram the system is almost impossible. Protection algorithms change automatically with enviable regularity.

Another sign of the mind of this system is that it eats not from electricity, but from solar energy, which falls on the windows with excess even on the most cloudy day.

In the domestic market, this technology is represented by Proplex, which introduced into production and other smart technologies for forgetful. First of all, they concern, of course, electricity. Now the not turned off the iron and other household appliances will not make you run home headlong. The system will turn off their automatically. And for calm, you can check in the established mobile application on your phone.

The ability to install a software device on several mobile devices (your wife, children) has not yet been specified. But there is definitely confidence that technologies are developing and the wishes of customers are the basis for their improvement. Therefore, do not forget about the feedback.

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