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SRO in construction

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SRO is an abbreviation denoting a self -regulatory organization. Self -regulatory is the organization that exercises a certain form of control over professional activities in its industry. This is a body that can be considered as an addition to state regulation and it can fill out a vacuum of lack of state control and regulation at a moment.

If we talk about the construction time, then, as well as in any other self -regulatory organization, there are voluntary members who represent the entrepreneurial activity of the particular sphere (in this case, we are talking about representatives of the construction industry). Construction self -regulatory organization can accept activities and quality standards for all participants in the SRO. This is one of the functions of such organizations. They also enter the SRO to protect their interests, because the whole organization can act as a representative of one of its members when communicating with state structures or the market as a whole. General mechanisms of collective responsibility can be introduced in the SRO, even in financial issues to consumers.

Recently, after Russia’s accession to the WTO, self -regulatory organizations also help to provide products and services by international certification.

In construction, such organizations were introduced after the state licensing was canceled in 2009. The status of SRO can be obtained by an organization that was created as a non -profit partnership and has at least 100 IPs and/Li legal entities, has a compensation fund in the amount of more than 1,000,000 ruble per member of the SRO, and also owns all the documents specified in the part One, Articles 55.5 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation.

Why is the SRO in construction?

SRO implies to improve the quality of construction work, as well as reduce the risks of injury to individuals and damage to legal entities, neutralize the possibilities of causing any other harm to them and their property, as well as objects of cultural heritage, animals and plants during repair or construction work, which are, which Members of SRO perform.

If you consider the prospects for entering the SRO, then you can study the site. Self -regulatory organization «Regional association of construction organizations» registered and based in the city of Moscow. He received its status in early 2012 and from to date is active and is developing at a decent pace.

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